Saturday, 11 October 2008

Von Sono Moonland 2

Here are some images from Von Sono's Spring/Summer 2009 collection - I consulted on and produced the knitted jumper and cardigan. I hand crafted the macrame masks using cotton string and rubber and nylon cording.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Lynn Cockburn FOR Neurotica

Please check out the new Lynn Cockburn FOR Neurotica collection for Spring/Summer 2009 at On/Off this london Fashion Week and at Rendez - Vous Femme. and
Here are some images of the knitwear I designed and produced - the swimsuit, socks and turban are hand knitted and the cotton cardigan and pleated short sleeve jumper are hand frame knitted. I crafted the raffia headpiece on a homemade loom.

Carolyn Massey Spring/Summer 2009

I am currently also consulting and designing knitwear for CAROLYN MASSEY. Here is the Breton Inspired Jumper we created for Spring/Summer 2009.

Von Sono Moonland

Von Sono Moonland

I am currently working for VON SONO. I consult on the knitwear and am the maker of moonland treasures - moonland headbands/kilt pins/masks and the neverending crown. Here are some images from MOONLAND autumn/winter 2008/2009.


I was assistant stylist to Milena for this shoot for Amelia's magazine. The story was inspired by ecofeminism, and was shot by Tara Darby. We used the wedding dress from her Spring/Summer 2006 collection…(Fleeting Sky, Amelia's magazine - issue 9).

Odile Jumper

A Personal Project. Machine knit and Hair-Pin Lace inserts.

Merlin Spring/Summer 2006

This was the first menswear knit I designed, it was for the menswear label Merlin - which is sadly no more...


For Autumn/Winter 2006/2007 we drew out our knitting needles and crochet hooks and set to work sampling....I loved the complete freedom this gave us...If something was not working we would just stop and start also gave us the freedom to change yarn colors and textures as and when we wanted...We also did a lot of combining knits and crochet to fabric..creating crochet yokes to velvet Aloha Tops and weaving yarns around leather buttons...
I had also just discovered the craft of hair-pin lace..I bought my first Loom from a lady in Florida from eBay, I ran the hairpin lace around the empire line of the Dress and down the arms of the Patchwork Coat and Kimono Jumper...

Lynn Cockburn FOR

For the Spring/Summer 2006 collection I also designed a Lynn Cockburn FOR Milena jewellery collection. We worked with Gypsy Man Dave to create the hand carved cork bats and hearts.


I worked for Milena in May 2005 to October 2006. I was her assistant knitwear designer/maker...These are pages from the two collections I worked on with her: Spring/Summer 2006 and Autumn/Winter 2006/2007.
I learnt A LOT from Milena, one of the most important things was to rejoice in stains, holes and tares and the memories they hold!